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Kundalini University 200-Hour Tuition (paying in full or by payment plan) releases training content immediately and is therefore non-refundable. Students have permanent, lifetime access to the material.
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  • I'm excited to register with the Yoga Alliance, or add Kundalini to my Yoga Alliance profile. Is it true this training is Yoga Approved and I can join upon graduation?
    YES!! Both Uplifted™ and Kundalini University are Registered Yoga Schools with Yoga Alliance, YACEP Continuing Education, and 200 RYT. If this is your first teacher training in any yoga lineage, you can choose to submit your certificate with the YA for your 200 RYT status. If you already hold a 200 - hour certification and are registered with the YA, you can submit this 200 - hour certificate for Continuing Education credit.
  • I want to get started on training right away, if I register today, will I have access to at home study material immediately?
    YES! Access to your home-study Kundalini Pathways Training the moment you enroll. It’s ideal to complete first this Pathways material, and then as many of the Core Modules as you can before training Live Calls begin, so we can go deeper together during live training.

    The sooner you register, the more time you'll have to go through all the home-study content ahead of the Live Call portion. Register soon!
  • * What should I be aware of if I select this plan? Will I graduate with my class?
    Yes! Once your plan is paid in full, you will graduate and receive your certificate with your class as long as you complete graduation projects and attendance. The 12 month plan is an offering to help make training more affordable for students seeking a Kundalini certification. This plan is not eligible for select promotions and discounts. If you cancel your plan, you may lose access to some or all material. All YTT terms and conditions linked in the checkbox above apply.

Completing Kundalini yoga teacher training with Guru Singh has been the most profound and divine experience. I feel that this training was like learning from an encyclopedia of life.

Erik B.
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